Saturday, August 1, 2009

List for engagement

Erm...I'm trying to improve the list from my a year plus a go simple engagement...

It was given from ibu farah and I try to add here and there...

So here is the very-basis engagement checklist, checklist tunang, dan sewaktu dgnnya ~ yes if you want to copy from here saya amat berbesar hati jika anda inform di sini...

1. tarikh dan waktu
2. cincin
3. hantaran (jika ada)
- brg hantaran
- hiasan
- dulang
- lapik dulang (4bende jek…)
4. baju plus makeup
5. decoration bilik/ tempat sarung cincin
6. jamuan..makan2
7. jurucakap
8. fotografi

On top of it some tips that you might need to consider

1. Please consider family + adat
- risik + tunang..or only tunang...
- consider also about ring....~sebentuk atau dua....some even not prefer engagement ring with stone..only belah rotan....
- hantaran (tunang + kawen) or only on engagement
- I think it is the best if you can have some talk with ur family and bakal-tunang...esp when it comes to mas kahwin, wang hantaran dan tempoh pertunangan...maybe bakal tunang anda tidak mampu memberikan wang hantaran lima angka, so this is the purpose of having some early discussion....~yes on the engagement also will be some discussion but I think at least the general idea is there..

2. Save or spend?....yes nowadays trends seems so high cost because with the fresh flower, photographer, mini dais, canopy and so on...of course the vendor will try to persuade you to have their services (remember they are doing business, no job no $$$) try to stick to ur own budget...I believe that the best thing is to do it on simple way and stick to your own budget

Till we meet again....still on engagement topic - how to save $$$

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fara said...

thanks for the info.. sgt bergune utk i rujuk.. i amik checklist tu okay ;)

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