Saturday, July 4, 2009


I know I'm not very super-seyes-detailed for my wedding

I know I could not afford super-duper-glam-fairy-tale-to-reality wedding

I know that I do not have any fresh flowers, huge diamong ring with perfect cut, great dresses, perfect honeymoon....and so on..for my wedding

I know that at least I do not eat Maggi after wedding (except mee goreng mamak, dan kadg2 teringin sgt nk makan megi =p )

I know I do not have debts $$$ from the wedding-shopping..even credit card co. increased the limit a few months before getting married for the good reputation of payment..(uppss...I have housing loan..unless I am milllionaire then can pay cash immediately)

I know at least I managed to handle my wedding (this one is serious...almost sume ader cop mohor-air tangan kerana sy sdiri tampal kertas mahjong atas meja, pacak penunjuk jalan di tgh malam, buying dishwasher, teh, kopi, tisu..and so on..) Alhamdulillah..praise to Allah for kesihatan yg baik dan juga keluarga, jiran2, saudara mara yg sudi membantu mana2 yg patut..
And hereby, I will write anything related to budget, pening nak kahwin, wedding checklist, pelamin and so on.....this is dedicated for bride-to-be...but of course not limited for them but also anyone can read =) Guys also can read ok?

...I would like to stress out here that I don't mean to hurt anyone from my writing, it just a blog ...yes a blog, which I write from my observation ~ sdgkan artis tak dapat puaskan hati sume fans inikan sy insan biasa kan?
One more thing, this does not meant that I will do not write in my primary blog...It still remain my priority..and I still believe you will need to read my primary blog because I write about life after marriage....curtain, kitchen cabinet, cooking and so on...

Stay tune =)
sblm terlupa, promosi kerja kahwin 2009 berlangsung di Kompleks Kraf KL Jalan Conlay from 4 to 13 July 2009...
so bride-to-be hurry up grab the ideas, or anything

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